Today is the final day. It is the end of this and the beginning of that. Time to ride the cold wind home across the Atlantic to our island paradise. Water, water, water. Tom Robbins once said that water invented humans to transport itself around the universe. Water under wheels, snow in the breeze, ya drink it down. Boats sit in it, the moon dances with it. Fire fears it and fish need it. Water, water, water. The rain in Moscow was just in Khartoum and will be over Luanda soon.


Halifax, do you believe that it comes for the corruption of the Old English words holy and face? Might be…


I am filled with love. 35 shows in 49 days. We did it. You did it. Together we did it. Idlers are most grateful to all who came out to support us. You make the show, we just help. So thanks Canada (if that’s really your name) for being so supportive. To our new fans, tell a friend. To our old fans, tell two friends. We will be back. John is taking off his shirt for some reason.


On the highway heading towards the ferry. Catching the 11:00 PM crossing. Hopefully no delays.


T’is been a while since my last blog. I find that the end of every tour is the same. You get tired and to deal you end up drinking an extra couple of drinks and sleeping a extra couple of hours. You become less productive. The weather has something to do with it too. Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick were cold. It’s hard to be productive, at least for me, when I’m drained and cold, but enough of that.


Montreal, Saint John, Fredericton, Petite Riviere, and Halifax, done like dinner. Montreal was the chill Sunday evening supper with your University Prof who kept going on about random facts. Rando info.


Saint John was a fireplace hang out, at a wonderful farm house with a fine… no… dandy, pile of dry wood.


Fredericton was not an American wedding, it was one of those nights. hint hint, nudge nudge, wink wink. Jagerbombs away!!!


Petite Riviere was supper at Grandmudders place. Fine China and all. Creamy gravy, white, and brown bread (now’den). Ring, your wine cup is empty. You best be filling that again. Petite Riviere owns my heart. Sorry Robert’s Creek, your just so far away, I still love you though. The after party was awesome, especially the house-bus. Big ol yellow school bus retrofitted to be a house. Equipped with wood stove, bed, sink (i think), table and chairs. Super sweet people too. Scotty, our chaperone, took good care of us. “All right b’yes, time to go, get in the car.” Which was great ’cause I could have easily passed out at the after party ( or puked in a jade plant ). Bunch of instruments on da go. Thanks Scotty, you’re da… BOOM!


Band mom and Daddy Ron. Halifax’s finest hosts. They have been there since the beginning. Since the North End Pub days. Who is Thom Duggan? They never fail to take great care of us. Feeding us when we’re there and sending us off with grub for the road.


What next? Good question. Ideally, home for a bit and then back on the road. Got a show planned for April 15 at the Rockhouse with our good buddy Neil Conway. Converse, converse, converse. Gonna get some demos on da go. Record at least another 4 demos. Shop them around to interested parties. Know any?


We are planning on returning to Midland for May to do more work with the kids and youth of Simcoe County. Still up in the air, stay tuned. Playing some festivals in July, whoop, whoop. Looking for a producer for the new record. Basically gonna keep on keepin’ on ’til we’re ON.


Well, the road is dry and the sky is grey, guess I’ll have to wait for the ferry to have water convey me away. If water did indeed create me to transport it around, I’m game. We all gotta move, that’s what water does. Travelling from coast to coast and many points in between. Flowing, rolling, smashing, drowning, cleansing, and waiting. Like water we all just await the next move, the next state. We are all solids, liquids and gases. We all transform into what we need to be at that given moment. What are you gonna be today?

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