Again, the rain is upon us. Dripping off the leafless trees in the backyard, attacking the defenceless soil, moving unknown and unseen quantities of material towards the harbour. When you live on top of a hill this is what you think of. Things moving down and up the hill. Water has the luxury of evaporation. It doesn’t have to bother with climbing hills, stumbling up, tripping over gravity. No, water just goes up. I imagine it’s a lot like being teleported. Or maybe water feels it differently, slower. Perhaps water feels stretched like when you pull water across a concrete surface with a stick. It may even feel violated. Oh the life of water. Up into the sky, then down onto the earth, then up and continue. I would like to think that there are water molecules who like the life, being in St. John’s one minute than Milan the next, and those who hate it. One thing is certain, life would be completely different if water went the way of humans and decided (or did they) to settle. Domestic water…ha.


The van is parked ’til July. It is official, Idlers are not leaving the island ’til July. That said, we are not going to just sit around (well maybe a bit) and let the water run off our backs. Nope, we got work to do.


How ’bout that, Idlers win World Recording of the Year at the ECMA’s. Thanks for that. Too bad we couldn’t be in PEI to accept the award.


We had a great weekend. Got to play with C-pow (deadly) again after Curtis returned home, played our first political rally, and got the ECMA. The weirdest thing about the ECMA is that we would have been there if the ECMA’s had to give us an opportunity to perform at an international showcase. But they didn’t. We didn’t make that cut but won the World recording. Just saying. Bit weird. Maybe next year we’ll get an international showcase. Figures crossed.


Well, it’s still raining and I’ve been steering at this screen for way to0 long. Think I’ll go and play some tunes. T’il next time keep on telling your friends that Idlers are deadly wicked sure.

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