Back in Ontario at Mark’s parent’s place in Sheffield. Aneirin is making us some breakfast and it smells deadly. Chris just finished working out, Craig is reading the news, Curtis is going to a medical clinic to get his ear checked, Jay Hay is visiting his sister, Mark is gone to the airport to pick up Allison, Susan and Erin are probably packing and I’m writing this. I awoke this morning with a stressful head after a terrible anxiety dream. I always find it very tiring after a bad dream. It’s like you’re not really sleeping. It felt so real. Waking up crying is the worst. That’s happened to me a number of times. And it’s not the best feeling. One time, while in high school, I watched myself get my head smashed in with a boulder by a kid, who at the time, I was in constant conflict with. Another time, I was told that my dad died and I awoke with tears pouring down my face. I find that I have these types of dreams when my sleep is broken, interrupted. That’s what happened last night. I woke up at around 7:00 super thirsty and with a small ache in me belly, which was probably from the two giant sandwiches I destroyed before going to bed at 3:00 AM. That could have also been the reason for the nightmare.


Mmmmmm, Pappy did it again. Deadly breakfast!
I became informed yesterday that some people are actually reading this blog. Thanks. I gotta say that I’m surprised. Didn’t think that anyone besides our families were reading this blog. Thanks.


It was brought to my attention yesterday, by a reader, that my blog about Squamish came across as insulting to the people of Squamish and ‘unprofessional’. This was not my intention. I went back and read the entry and I can understand how some may feel alienated and insulted by my remarks. Let me clarify, if I may. The comment about the ‘overzealous audience’ was not meant to be viewed as a comment directed towards the entire audience. There were a number of people in the audience who jumped on stage and one who kept moving the monitors. This is what I was referring to. Not the amazing, stunning, incredibly energetic, wonderfully fun, dancing majority. The crowd rocked!


let me say it again, the crowd rocked!! You’re energy transferred to us and we enjoyed and respected every minute of it.


Walking out and greeting you was fantastic. Again, thank you and I hope to see you with the same fervour again soon.


Now my only hope is that those who read the previous blog and took offence will read this entry and understand my clarification.


I feel like going for a run… but I probably won’t.

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